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Do you have a sister? a brother? That’s cool. Now do you have a sister or a brother[Same sex as you] who is age group isn’t far from yours, aside from twins? Yeah? You do? So you know how annoying it can be? Well if you don’t I’m about to tell you.

If you have a sibling of the same sex as you, whose age is close to yours, and you happened to go to the same school, well for one thing, you know and interact with the same people[mostly], and if you’re like me, your ‘friends’ cut across a class/an age group, so sometimes, you have a lot of the same friends, because she/tends to be a year under you. I don’t know how this is for boys, but for some girls it could be frustrating.

Its hard to ‘look out’ for your sibling cause they feel or it seems they feel your not so far off[in age] so its not a big deal. Sometimes, you want to go out with some friends, guess what? She’s there because she knows the people, but you don’t want to be seemingly territorial, or petty.
How does it feel telling stories, but then again they were almost always there, so you can’t over or under-exaggerate. You both head out and come back in together. No! Its not all ‘bonding and cool most of the time, or having someone to tell your secrets or things to.’

Its normal for your younger sibling to pick up a lot from you. But not when you’re trying to make her everything you’re not, better if so. But if you jump over a fence she wants to do the same, if you skip a grade, she wants to do the same, for reasons unknown to you. Oh my. You tend to like similar things, when you go shopping together you have to call dibbs on potential belongings just so you both don’t get some of the same things, and you have to move FAST, Or you have to settle for less. Not cool.

This irks me in many ways, you cannot even begin to imagine. I’ve given this some thought, I love my sister, not just because of the love we are bound to by being family. But I just can’t stand this most of the time.

While thinking about this, I thought to myself: “Maybe this would be less of a nuisance if I called her my friend”. For example if I was going to visit her, and someone asked, I’d say “I’m going to see a friend of mine”, instead of my sister.
So, this I’m going to try for a week, and see how it pans out.



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I am

I am  No, I’m not going to tell you who I am, what I like to do, my age or anything  about me. I’m not going to tell you to follow me on twitter, or check me out on facebook. I will remain a faceless book; one you try to match the words to the speaker/writer.

So you can edit my face, personality, and identity anyway you like it, with every new post or bit of information that may give who I am or where I’m from away. You can change and restructure your mental image of me each time you read something new or not.

I shall not call my self anonymous. My words are here, it strikes out the anonymity.

On this blog I shall write as I please, and feature as I please.

If you happen to stop by, well, what you do is your choice.

With this, I tip my hat and bid you farewell till my next time.


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